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Here at [Coulter Collectables] understand the hardship and aggravation with budget cut backs and loss of employment. Therefor, we would like to present to you the best value for your buck! On the website, the selections you find are at the actual retail value. Although you may see a figurine, or a fountain of your choice, you can actually make your own bid through the Live-Chat ordering system that we have implemented to help further assist you and your budget needs. Of course, our staff is friendly; energetic and extremely helpful. Say you see a fountain for $112.95 and you cannot afford that retail cost, through the Live-Chat with one of our representatives, you can make bid offers at a lower cost, however, keep in mind that the lower you would like to have the price to be for the specific Item, the representative may not give it to you. Customer Satisfaction: I, Zachary Coulter, CEO of Coulter Collectables. Assure that you will get the best customer satisfaction. Through energetic friendly employee's I guarantee you will get the best results you expect from any company. I give you the " Harassment Free" Guarantee. To re-insure you have the best quality service, everything within the chat or on phone is recorded for quality assurance.
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